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Educate, mentor and inspire underserved boys to become productive and responsible members of the community.


Empower young minds, guided by exceptional instructors. Inspire boys to learn essential life skills and mature into confident, positive young men.

Foster a sustainable organization, cherished by our supporters who passionately contribute to shaping a brighter future for these aspiring minds. 

In the next two years, we will create more career training activities for the boys (expand computer literacy), and boost projects like our Cultural Exchange & Service Learning and Volunteer Experience – as a means to diversify our approach to sustainability.

We see the young men who benefit from InspireDR’s training, giving back to their younger counterparts by becoming inspiring mentors. Hence, creating a virtuous circle of sustainability.

Sustainable Growth

At InspireDR “sustainability” is more than a trendy word. It is our long-term ambition and strategic plan.

We are moving away from 100% donor-based financing.

With the help of volunteers, seasoned executives and strategic partners we will continue developing social enterprise projects.

These opportunities will help finance our operating budget, and provide hands-on business experience for the boys as they mature, graduate from InspireDR and enter professional life.  

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