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In the Dominican Republic, many families are impoverished and the public schools are poorly resourced. Boys have little to no access to after-school programs, are likely to drop out of school, or use drugs or alcohol—which dramatically limits their career option and future success.

InspireDR provides free programs that teach practical life skills and instill positive values, so boys in the Dominican Republic can mature into responsible men, husbands and fathers. 

Since 2015, we’ve helped more than 100 boys become positive young men. Visit inspiredr.org to learn more.


Motivated person to manage the daily logistics and maintenance of InspireDR facilities. Ensure that the entire facilities are clean, organized and represent the organization in a positive manner. Work directly with Director and manage tasks of InspireDR’s dedicated maintenance person, Jhonny.

Responsibilities include:

  • Logistics
    • Create process and procedure for managing materials, equipment and space
    • Ensure efficient organization and storage of inventory and materials
    • Document and ensure accuracy of equipment inventory
  • Purchase Supplies and Materials
    • Create weekly shopping list and purchase products (local)
    • Pay bills and services (utilities, telephone, etc.)
  • Basic Repairs and Maintenance of Facilities
    • Manage and assist Jhonny, InspireDR maintenance person
    • Make minor repairs to materials and equipment
    • Coordinate contractors for complex repairs
    • Coordinate vendors for building materials and equipment
    • Ensure facilities are clean, organized, painted, etc.
Time commitment: 25 hours/week
Time of day: Flexible
Days of week: Monday – Friday
Schedule:  Flexible
Start / End Dates:  January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022
Rate: $500 dollars/month

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