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Job Description

Responsibilities include:

  • Logistics
    • Create process and procedure for managing materials, equipment and space
    • Ensure efficient organization and storage of inventory and materials
    • Document and ensure accuracy of equipment inventory
  • Purchase Supplies and Materials
    • Create weekly shopping list and purchase products (local)
    • Pay bills and services (utilities, telephone, etc.)
  • Basic Repairs and Maintenance of Facilities
    • Manage and assist Jhonny, InspireDR maintenance person
    • Make minor repairs to materials and equipment
    • Coordinate contractors for complex repairs
    • Coordinate vendors for building materials and equipment
    • Ensure facilities are clean, organized, painted, etc.
  • Donations
    • Process and procedure for donated materials
    • Logistics and managing donated materials
    • Document donated items for accounting purposes


Time commitment: <25 hours/week
Time of day: Flexible
Days of week: Monday – Friday
Schedule:  Flexible
Start / End Dates:  January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022
Rate: $500 dollars/month

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