2021 Brings New Opportunity | Learn To Swim…

by | Jun 5, 2021 | Blog

Whether it was good or bad for you, 2020 is in the past. 2021 brings new opportunities and one of these is learning to swim. 

*8 out of 10 of your students do not know how to properly swim!

Drownings occur far too often in the Cabarete / Sosua area because unfortunately, very few people know how to swim, and there is limited access to professional swimming instruction.

What is the solution?

Teach our children how to swim, feel confident in the water and learn critical life saving skills in a fun and secure environment. Additionally, swimming helps develop motor, cognitive and affective skills.

By registering your students in Aquatics Training Cabarete (ATC) – School Swimming Program, you can give them:

  • Swimming and lifesaving skills
  • Confidence in the water 
  • Greater self-esteem 
  • Agility and balance
  • Improved memory and social abilities
  • Enhanced brain function

Our licensed instructors have taught more than 100 children in Cabarete to swim, feel more confident, and have skills to save lives. 

Limited Time Offer – take advantage of our School 50% discount on group lessons! 

Give your students, parents and other supporters even more value by offering swimming and lifesaving training.

Call today with your questions and concerns; we are here to help.

Warm regards,
ATC Manager

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